Sani Marc Spa Alka Plus Granular, 1kg


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Sani Marc Spa Alka Plus Granular, 1kg
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Sani Marc Spa Alka + helps prevent fluctuations in pH and helps keep spa water balanced to optimize the efficiency of sanitizer. Water alkalinity should be maintained between 80 to 120 parts per million(ppm) for chlorine sanitizers and 100 to 150 ppm for bromine sanitizers.

Application method:

  • Sprinkle Spa Alka + directly over the surface of the spa water.


  • When alkalinity levels are low, add 16 grams of Spa Alka + per 1000 litres of spa water to increase alkalinity by approximately 10 ppm.

Sani Marc is a Proudly Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of professional grade swimming pool and hot tub water care products. Only ships from London Ontario warehouse.

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