Sani Marc Spa Alka Minus Liquid, 1L


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Sani Marc Spa Alka Minus Liquid, 1L
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Sani Marc Spa Alka - a fast acting liquid which lowers both the alkalinity and pH in spa water. Water alkalinity should be maintained between 80-120 parts per million (ppm) and pH should be maintained between 7.2-7.8 for bather comfort and maximum spa equipment life.

Application method:

  • Spa must be running before adding product
  • Pour Spa Alka - directly over the surface of the spa water.


  • When levels exceed recommended values, add 60mL of Spa Alka - per 1,000 litres of spa water to decrease alkalinity by approximately 14ppm and decrease pH by approximately 0.4.
  • After using, wait 15 minutes and retest pH and alkalinity.
  • Repeat treatment as needed until recommended levels are reached.

Sani Marc is a Proudly Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of professional grade swimming pool and hot tub water care products. Only ships from London Ontario warehouse.

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