Pool and Hot tub chemicals

Maintaining sparkling clean water in your hot tub or pool is not hard with the right chemicals. Browse our large selection of hot tub chemical products from Natural Chemistry, EcoOne and Professional grade Taylor testing reagents. To further help keep your pool or hot tub water clean look for the popular Zorbie available for pools and spas.
Sanitizer for hot tubs
  • Sanitizers for hot tubs
  • Bromine pucks
  • Chlorine pucks
  • Granular products 

Hot tub water balancers
  • Water balancers
  • Ph balancers
  • Alkalinity balancers 
  • Water hardness products

Hot tub cleaners and supplies
  • Cleaners & Supplies
  • Cleaners & scum removers
  • Floaters for pucks
  • Zorbie
Hot tub chemical kits
  • Chemical kits
  • Bromine kits
  • Chlorine kits
  • Starter kits

Pool & spa water testing
  • Pool & hot tub water testing
  • Easy to use AquaChek strips
  • Testing kits with reagents
  • For pools and hot tubs

Fix a leak for pools and hot tubs
  • Fix a leak
  • Made in Canada
  • Customers #1 choice 
  • For pools & hot tubs

  • Bromicharge
  • For in.clear systems
  • Ideal for Genesis systems
  • Genuine Gecko product

Pentair water testing reagents
  • Pentair reagents
  • Refills for liquid test kits
  • 1/2 OZ bottles
  • Good selection

Pool Chemicals
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Sanitizers
  • Balancers
  • Buffers - Oxidizers

Taylor testing regents
  • Taylor testing reagents
  • Professional use
  • Refills for Taylor testing kits
  • Large selection

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