Sani Marc Hot Tub Chemical Kit - Granular


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Sani Marc Hot Tub Chemical Kit - Granular
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New to hot tub water care? Get all of the basics in larger size bottles in this convenient kit. Chemical usage can vary depending on water conditions, the size of the spa, number of bathers and frequency of use. For most people this kit will last a couple of months, with the sanitizer being the first item that needs to be replenished. This kit is available with either bromine or chlorine powder, please select above.  


Kit includes:

  • Sanitizer of choice (select above) either Spa Broma Bromine Powder (900g) OR Spa Chlor Chlorine Powder (800g)
  • Spa Shok Ultra - Oxidizing shock 1.2kg
  • Spa Alka Plus - Alkalinity increaser 1kg
  • Spa pH Minus Liquid 1L
  • Spa pH Plus Liquid 900mL
  • Aquachek test strips for selected sanitizer type - 1 bottle (50 strips)
  • Klean Filter - Pool & Spa filter cleaner - 1L


Not sure whether to choose chlorine or bromine for your new hot tub? 

  •  Bromine: Bromine tablets are a combination of sodium bromide and chlorine. Many people choose bromine over chlorine because the smell is not as strong. Bromine is available in tablets and is generally distributed using a floating feeder.  Bromine is very stable in hot water, and able to hold a residual much better.  This means that although bromine is more costly than chlorine, you will not use nearly as much.  Bromine requires less maintenance and you'll use less of it, lowering your cost over time. 
    Alternatively bromine is also available in granular form which is added to the water on an as needed basis, usually every time the hot tub is used and sometimes in between uses depending on frequency of use. This method does require more frequent testing but avoids the use of a floating dispenser.

  • Chlorine: You're probably familiar with Chlorine as the primary sanitizer used in pools. You can use chlorine safely in spas too, except in a different concentration. There are chlorine granules created specifically for hot tub use. When you first add a sanitizer to your hot tub water, the goal is to create a residual level of sanitizer.  Chlorine has a shorter life in hot water, so when you add it, it'll go in, kill germs and bacteria, and be gone pretty soon. With chlorine, depending on how often you use your tub, you will need to add it more often than if you were using bromine. Chlorine granular has a lower initial cost, but will require more attention from you. Alternatively, chlorine tablets can be used in a floating dispenser similar to the way bromine tablets are used.

Ships from London, Ontario only. 

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