AquaChek 4-in-1 Chlorine Test Strips


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AquaChek 4-in-1 Chlorine Test Strips
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AquaChek Chlorine 4-in-1 is ideal for hot tub and pool owners who use chlorine in their pool or spa, the go-to product for testing the most critical parameters in your pool or hot tub. You'll find the easy-to-use flip-top cap conveniently dispenses one strip at a time. AquaChek Chlorine 4-in-1 is a great choice when getting started with pool testing.


  • AquaChek brand
  • Tests for Free Chlorine: 0-10ppm
  • Tests for Cyanuric Acid (stabalizer): 0-300ppm
  • Tests for pH: 6.2-8.4
  • Tests for Total Alkalinity: 0-240ppm
  • Instructions included


For best results dip the test strip in the hot tub or pool water without swirling in the water and immediately pull it out of the water then match to results with colors on the back of the bottle. Always store the test strips in the bottle with the cap securely closed to prevent moisture or condensation penetration in to the bottle. If moisture enters the bottle the test strip reagents will all activate and the strips will no longer produce and results when used.

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