AquaChek® 7-in-1 Test Strips


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AquaChek® 7-in-1 Test Strips
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AquaChek Silver 7-in-1 Test strips are the most comprehensive test strip product in Aquachek's professional line providing fast and accurate results in less than a minute. Trusted by service professionals, this test strip tests for seven key parameters in seconds. Bottle contains 100 test strips!

Test for:

  • Total Hardness: 0 - 1,000ppm
  • Total Chlorine: 0 - 10ppm
  • Total Bromine: 0 - 20ppm
  • Free Chlorine: 0 - 20ppm
  • pH: 6.2 - 8.4
  • Total Alkalinity: 0 - 240ppm
  • Stabilizer (Cynauric Acid): 0 - 300ppm

100 Test Strips per bottle. For a clean and healthy pool, we recommended testing a minimum of twice per week (for large pools test both ends each time).

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