2 HP Waterway Executive 56 Spa Pump, 2.5” in/2.0”out 230V


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2 HP Waterway Executive 56 Spa Pump, 2.5” in/2.0”out 230V
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Waterway Executive 56 hot tub pump with part number 3720821-13 which has the larger 2.5" threads (3-5/8" actual). Rated at 2 HP it requires 220 - 240 volts and features 2 speeds. Waterway labels this pump with model number PF-10-2N22M which can replace the older PF-20-2N22C with the same 2.5" intake thread size.

Waterway Executive 56 2HP with 2.5" intake

Discharge Threads

2.5" intake threads (Actual 3-5/8" OD).

2.0" discharge threads (Actual 3.0" OD).

Waterway Exec 56 hot tub pump electrical specs

Electrical Specs

8.0 Amps high speed (3450 RPM)

3.0 Amps low speed (1725 RPM)

220-240 Volts, 60 Hz

Waterway Pump Rotate Discharge

Discharge Position

Ships with discharge at factory default position. 

Discharge can be rotated if required, Instruction Video

Compatible Replacement for:

Waterway 3720821-03 (Old Model #)

Waterway PF-20-2N22C (2.5" intake) Old model #

Whats Included:

1 x Waterway Pump P/N 3720821-13

(Electrical cord not included)

Product Note:

Optional barb P/N 672-4350 Sold Separately

For use in hot tubs only

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The PF- model number from your old pump should not be used as a reference for selecting a new replacement pump as Waterway has produced up to 4 known variations of pumps with the same model number which are different enough that they are not interchangeable. Always select a replacement pump with the same part number as the Waterway part number on the label on your old pump.


The last digit "C" or "M" in the model number only references the brand of electric motors Waterway uses on these pumps and does need to be matched on the new replacement pumps. C references Century/A.O. Smith brand motor and M references U.S. Motors brand electric motor on the pump.


Horsepower ratings

Choosing a pump based on Horsepower (HP) can be incorrect. The horsepower listed in your spa manual or on the old pump's label may be overinflated, inaccurate, or even left blank. Horsepower ratings on hot tub pumps are often listed as SPL-HP, BHP, MBHP, RHP or S-HP, which is not the same as continuous operating horsepower. Installing an oversized pump in your hot tub can cause significant damage.

To avoid choosing the incorrect pump, confirm if it’s a 48 frame or 56 frame, then use the high-speed Amperage rating listed on the old pump's label to find the correct replacement instead of the horsepower. The amperage rating is listed with both high/low speed for a 2-speed pump.


Determining hot tub pump thread size

Hot tub pump plumbing sizes are nominal and not the actual outside diameter (O.D.) of the threaded intake or discharge. To confirm your old pump thread sizes, use a tape measure and check the diameter of your old pump thread size.

  • 1.5” Pump thread measures approx. 2-3/8” Outside Diameter
  • 2.0” Pump thread measures approx. 3” Outside Diameter
  • 2.5” Pump thread measures approx. 3-5/8” Outside Diameter


Amperage ratings

New hot tub pump amperage ratings may vary slightly for pumps with the same performance rating. The RPMs remain the same 3450 for high-speed and single-speed pumps and 1725 for low-speed for two-speed pumps.

Manufacturers 1 year limited warranty.

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