Hot Tub Parts Canada

Find all your hot tub parts in Canada online. Browse our wide selection of genuine brand-name hot tub components to restore your hot tub's performance and maintain it in optimal operating condition.

Our extensive inventory of hot tub parts covers a variety of essential components for your hot tub. Whether you're in need of reliable pumps, efficient filters, powerful heaters, soothing jets, or advanced control systems, we have you covered with our carefully curated selection.

Explore our range of hot tub parts:


Keep your hot tub water circulating effectively

Choose from our range of high-performance pumps that come in different sizes and power options to suit your specific hot tub requirements.


Maintain clean and clear water

Opt for our premium filters, including cartridge filters renowned for their excellent debris removal and filtration capabilities, ensuring your hot tub water stays pristine.


Ensure the perfect temperature

Choose from our reliable heaters, including electric and gas options, to keep your hot tub water at the ideal temperature for your comfort and enjoyment.


Enhance relaxation and hydrotherapy

Indulge in our selection of jets, available in various configurations, to create a customized and invigorating hot tub experience that promotes relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Control Systems

Take control of your hot tub's settings

Experience ultimate convenience and customization with our advanced control systems and user-friendly control panels, allowing you to effortlessly adjust temperature, jet intensity, and other features.

At Pool and Hot Tub Depot, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect hot tub parts for your specific needs. We offer fast and reliable shipping across Canada, ensuring your parts reach you promptly and securely.

In Canada, hot tub parts and pool supplies can be purchased online or in store at Pool and Hot Tub Depot. Discover the convenience and quality of our products as you create the ultimate hot tub oasis in your own backyard. Browse our collection now and elevate your hot tub experience to new heights!