Dazzle pH Minus 700g


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Dazzle pH Minus 700g
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Dazzle pH Minus is a fast-dissolving granular formulation that helps to safely lower pH and Total Alkalinity levels. It's better than liquid acids, as it won't introduce unwanted impurities to your water. By balancing pH levels, Dazzle pH Minus prevents corrosion, scale-formation, cloudy water, and ensures overall comfort in the water.



  • Dazzle P/N: DAZ08036
  • Container size: 700g
  • Product: Granular powder


Typical use:

  • Test pH and Alkalinity weekly
  • Use when pH is greater than 7.9 to bring back to the effective range of 7.4-7.8
  • Apply when required to lower total alkalinity
  • If pH is 7.7-8.0 – use 8g per 1,000 litres
  • If pH is 8.1-8.5 – use 12g per 1,000 litres
  • If pH is higher than 8.5 – use 15g per 1,000 litres
  • 24g per 1,000 L lowers total alkalinity by 10 ppm
  • Never add more than 25g per 1,000 litres per application
  • Operate jets on high with air off
  • Sprinkle slowly into hot tub water when it is not being used 
  • Circulate water for 1-2 hours 
  • For pH: re-test to confirm or re-apply if pH is still above 7.6
  • For total alkalinity: When lowering TA, lower slowly (10 ppm per day). Never allow pH to drop below 7.2.

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