Dazzle Balancing Bundle


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Dazzle Balancing Bundle
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The Dazzle hot tub water balancing bundle includes what you need to balance and maintain your hot tub water pH, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness levels.


Whats included:

  • 1 x Dazzle pH Plus 700g
  • 1 x Dazzle pH Minus 700g
  • 1 x Dazzle Alkalinity Plus 700g
  • 1 X Dazzle Calcium Plus 550g


Typical use:

  • Always adjust Alkalinity level first when balancing hot tub water
  • pH should always be adjusted about 6 hours after Alkalinity has been balanced
  • Calcium hardness level in hot tub water should be adjusted after Alkalinity and pH have been balanced


For best results follow application directions on the back of each bottle.

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