Pristiva Salt Pool Care Kit, 3-Months


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Pristiva Salt Pool Care Kit, 3-Months
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Pristiva System products in a convenient bundle kit for three months. Use each of the products monthly through the summer for maximum protection of your salt pool.


Kit includes:

  • 3 x 1 kg bottles of Pristiva Primer
  • 3 x 950 g bottles of Pristiva Premium Shock. 


Why Pristiva?

  • Finally! A maintenance program developed specifically for the unique conditions that exist in a salt pool.
  • Developed through extensive research and rigorous testing.
  • Addresses the specific requirements of the entire salt pool.
  • The Pristiva® Maintenance System:
    • Step #1: Primer
    • Step #2: Premium Shock
  • Protection for the whole pool:
    • Longer cell life
    • Longer equipment life
  • Provides crystal clear, soothing, algae-free water.



  • Monthly for on-going salt pool maintenance.


How Much

  • One bottle of Pristiva Primer and one bottle of Pristiva Premium Shock per month.



  • With pump running, slowly pour Pristiva Primer directly in a clean skimmer. Then shock immediately with Pristiva Premium Shock.
  • Keep water circulating for minimum 6 hours. 
  • There may be a temporary increase in filter pressure until the product dissolves, do not backwash for at least 6 hours.

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