Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner 1L


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Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner 1L
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Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner dissolves scale deposits, organic films, and metallic plating from pool salt cells without damaging them or risking user safety. It's non-toxic, safe to dispose of, and environmentally-friendly. Use it any time for safe and effective cleaning.



  • Pristiva P/N: PRC35160
  • Container size: 1 L
  • Product: Liquid


Typical use:

  • 1L size should allow the majority of cell to be filled completely with water
  • Water can be added to top-up the cell if not filled completely from full bottle of Salt Cell Cleaner
  • Allow a little bit longer of a cleaning time if dilution is needed
  • Cap or close one end (flow through)
  • Lay flat with inlet ports on top
  • Fill the cell or container with enough Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner to cover plates
  • Use Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner at full strength, do not dilute
  • For heavy cleaning, allow to soak overnight
  • For light cleaning, allow to sit for one hour or until cell looks clean through visual inspection
  • Rinse well after cleaning
  • Used solution can be safely poured down the drain

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