Canada Hot Tub Filters

Maintain clean and clear water in your hot tub with our premium hot tub filters. At Pool & Hot Tub Depot, we carry Pleatco, Unicel and ProAqua top-rated hot tub filters that effectively trap debris and impurities, ensuring a refreshing and hygienic soaking experience. Choose from our wide selection of high-quality hot tub filters and enjoy crystal-clear water in your hot tub all year round.

Explore our Canada Hot Tub Filters:

Cartridge Filters

Discover our range of hot tub cartridge filters designed to efficiently trap and remove debris, dirt, and impurities from your hot tub water. Our cartridge filters offer exceptional filtration performance for clean and clear water.

Sand Filters

Choose from our selection of hot tub sand filters that utilize sand as the filtration medium. These filters effectively remove impurities and ensure optimal water clarity for a rejuvenating soaking experience.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters

Explore our DE filters specially designed for hot tubs. These filters use diatomaceous earth, a natural and highly efficient filtration material, to achieve exceptional water clarity and purity.

Filter Cartridges

Find replacement filter cartridges for your hot tub to ensure continued filtration performance. We offer a variety of cartridge options that are compatible with various hot tub models and brands.

Filter Maintenance Accessories

Maintain the performance of your hot tub filter with our selection of maintenance accessories. From filter cleaners and degreasers to filter brushes and filter saver nets, we have the tools to help you keep your filter in optimal condition.

Other Hot Tub Filter Options

Discover additional hot tub filter options, including pleated filters, antimicrobial filters, and reusable filters, to suit your specific filtration needs and preferences.

Shop with confidence at Pool & Hot Tub Depot for all your Canada hot tub filter needs. Our user-friendly website, secure ordering process, and fast shipping ensure a convenient and reliable shopping experience. Enjoy crystal-clear water in your hot tub with our premium hot tub filters, designed to provide exceptional filtration performance and a refreshing soaking experience.