Hot Tub Covers In Winter

Hot Tub Covers In Winter

The wind outside is howling, snow blowing all around, and your hot tub is left outside to fend off the cold weather. The trick to keeping your hot tub in cozy warm condition during these winter squalls is always your insulated cover - and of course the  winter maintenance prep you surely did a few months ago.

Why is a cover so important?

In mild weathers, your hot tub cover keeps debris out and helps maintain the efficiency of the parts. During the winter your spa is placed under extra strain with the sudden extreme cold temperatures, wind tearing at your cover, and even potential power outages.

Your cover is the most critical piece of your hot tub in adverse weather. It keeps the snow and ice away from your spa and ensures your hot water stays warm. Even if the power goes out and your heater isn’t able to continue heating your spa, a well-cared for insulated cover can help your spa water remain hot for up to a day. This time is crucial during storms to resolve the power situation or find an alternate solution to prevent your hot tub from freezing.

How do I protect my cover in the winter?

  • Ensure snow and ice don’t accumulate on top of your hot tub. The extra weight of the snow as well as the added moisture puts severe strain on your cover and is one of the main causes of cover deterioration
  • Don’t use a shovel to remove snow from your hot tub unless you’re incredibly careful, try using a broom instead. The sharp end on most shovels is enough to easily rip a small tear in your hot tub cover, exposing it to the elements. Even a most minuscule rip ruins the integrity of the insulation and can quickly lead to degradation of the cover.
  • Try using something like a cover cap. These tarp-like covers cover the top of your hot tub as well as your cover to add a layer of protection against snow and moisture damage. Some even cover the sides of your hot tub as well.
  • Always ensure your cover is securely locked into place, replacing the cover clips as necessary if they break throughout the frigid weather. If the cover is allowed room to shift in strong winds, heat from the spa water will start to escape and the constant moving in the wind could even damage the cover itself.

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