Hot Tubs in Winter

Hot Tubs in Winter

Chilly winter weather can be harsh, even on your hot tub. Early preparation and maintenance is the key to keeping your spa running optimally with crystal clear and clean water all season long.

How is hot tub care different in the winter?

Your average maintenance and spa use are going to be similar to your usual routine, but you'll need to keep a super close eye on your water levels and chemical balance. Hot spa water evaporates extra fast, and if water levels get too low there's a risk of spa parts freezing. This also means it's an extremely bad idea to drain and re-fill your hot tub with fresh water in cold temperatures, so you'll need to frequently test your spa water to ensure chemicals remain balanced and the water is clean.

☆ Never refill or top up your hot tub water using snow. There are impurities in snow that can quickly disrupt your chemical balance.

Will my hot tub freeze?

Hot tubs are designed to work throughout the winter quite well. If your hot tub is in good shape and you've been on top of its water and parts maintenance, it should run perfectly fine throughout the season. Just watch your pipes to make sure no leaks surprise you, always make sure your hot tub is at the appropriate water level, and keep up the good work maintaining your water chemical levels.

The above being said, there are always extenuating circumstances like winter storms or power outages that may damage or leave your spa without power. Some may choose to prepare for these circumstances by using things like a gazebo, hot tub cover cap, or even having a backup generator on hand.

What if the power goes out?

Don't panic. Hot tubs are generally pretty hot and well insulated. Keep the insulated cover on at all times to retain the high heat, no matter how tempting it is to peak inside to check on the temp. It depends on the size and condition of the spa, but usually they'll be able to retain a warm temperature for at least 24 hours, giving you ample time to find a longer term solution if necessary.

Need winter hot tub supplies?

Hot Tub Cover Caps for Winter

Hot Tub Water Care Chemicals

Hot Tub Steps

Hot Tub Cover Caps
These are protective covers designed to wrap around your hot tub to protect it from any debris or leaking snow. 
Water Chemicals & Testing
Stay stocked up on chemicals and test strips this winter with our wide selection of water care products at amazing prices.
Hot Tub Steps
It's very slippery in the snow, so use texture treaded hot tub steps to get in and out of your spa safely.

☆ Clean your filters regularly too! Try keeping a spare set of filters so you always have a clean set handy - the less trips out to the hot tub in the snow, the better!