Check Your Hot Tub Filters

Check Your Hot Tub Filters

Filters are arguably one of the most important elements of a hot tub as they keep dirt and grime from circling in the water while you soak. It's important to keep a close eye on your filters as well as complete regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your filters (and therefore your water) in optimal condition.

Looking at Your Filter

If you pull out your filter and have a good look at it, there are many visible signs to indicate the condition of your filter.

Dirt or Discolouration

The most obvious sign of a deteriorating filter is a yellowing or dirty looking filter. The usual clean white pleats will discolour and start to show grime as it builds up in the filter media.

Swollen Pleats

The filtration media on a new filter has a crisp, sharp edge. As the dirt, grime and oils are absorbed and begin to build up in the filter material, you can see the edges especially begin to bulge out and become more rounded instead of a sharp fold; sometimes the pleats can even stick together or have trouble standing up straight.

Physical Damage

Filters are working all day, every day to make sure your water is as clean as possible, and they can quite damaged over time. Some physical signs of deterioration to watch for:

  • Plastic end caps that have become bleached, cracked or brittle
  • Torn or missing bands around the pleats (not all filters have these though)
  • The filter media becoming fuzzy or frayed
  • Smell! If it still stinks after a chemical rinse, it’s probably time for a new filter
Dirty vs cleaned filter for comparison

In the Hot Tub

It's not just the filter that will show signs of a struggle when they need a good cleaning or replacement. Having filters that don't do their job adequately creates a huge strain on the entire spa system.

Funky Water

Cloudy water or water that has a green or blue-ish tint may be in need of a filter change. If a filter isn’t cleaned regularly it won’t be able to filter the water as effectively which will eventually lead to problems with the water. Smells, cloud and foam are all things that can happen in the water as well if filters aren't able to do their job well.

Flow Errors

If the condition of the filter continues to deteriorate and it is unable to filter the water adequately, some spas may display a FLO, DR or DRY error on the key pad. There can be other causes for this error, but the most frequent one  is a dirty filter that is unable to filter the water well enough for adequate flow.

How Old Are Your Filters?

If you’ve had your filter for over a year or two, it might be about time for a replacement even if your filter appears to be fine. Even with the best cleaning and maintenance schedule, eventually enough oils and particles build up in the fabric and impact filtration quality. To keep your water clean and in optimal condition, replace your filters every year or two at max.

Clean Your Filters

  • Bi-Weekly give your filters a good rinse with the hose
  • Monthly give your filters a thorough clean with a filter soak product

Keep a second set of filters on hand to put in the hot tub while the other set dries. Allowing the filters to dry completely can help to eliminate any lingering bacteria or odours.

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