Best Pool Accessories

Summer is in full swing and the best place to cool down is at the pool! New for the 2023 season, these cool pool accessories are sure to make a splash.


Pool Floats

These swimming pool floats are perfect for lounging on a beautiful sunny day in the swimming pool. Or scaring your neighbours with a giant shark in the pool, whatever floats your boat!


Inflatable Floating Pool Lounge

This colourful pool lounge is an absolute classic - a comfortable backrest, armrests and even a built in cupholder for total relaxation.


Inflatable Great White Shark

This inflatable shark float is the perfect size for kids to ride on. With it's realistic design, it's sure to be the hit of every pool party!


Classic Swimming Pool Games

These toys are perfect for family days by the pool. Dive around for fun toys or make the most of family time by playing card games together by the water.


Inflatable Giant Pool Floats

These huge floaties are called mega islands for good reason - they're big enough to comfortably fit a lounging grown adult! They've also got 2 durable handles to keep you on-board!


Is your pool water in need of a little help?

Get your summer off to a clean start with the  Zorbie Pool Water Bobble.
Simply place this water bobble in the skimmer and it remove contaminants directly from the water! This easy to use sponge helps stop any body oils, dead skin, makeup, lotions and other debris from flowing into your pool's filtration system.


For more pool supplies and equipment to make your summer pool experience even better,  browse our full catalog here.