Spa Essentials Alkalinity Increaser (500g)


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Spa Essentials Alkalinity Increaser (500g)
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Alkalinity Increaser for hot tub water.

  • Container Size: 500 grams (1.1 Lbs)
  • Product: Spa Essentials Alkalinity Increaser
  • Total alkalinity in spa water should be maintained between 100 - 125 ppm. 
  • Low alkalinity may cause spa water to become corrosive to metal and can cause staining or etching on spa surfaces. 
  • Proper alkalinity levels act as a buffer to help protect against major pH changes. 

Spa Essentials® is geared towards hot tub owners who want a solid quality water care product and who desire consistently reliable experiences with their hot tub water.
Spa Essentials® brand products are manufactured by BioLab, Inc. - A KIK Custom Company and compliment the core pool and spa products found at 
OMNI® brand line. These trusted brands are found in thousands of leading retailers across Canada and the United States.


This product ships from London, Ontario to all of Canada. Not available for shipping outside of Canada.

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