Pleatco Pure Start Pre-Fill Filter - Pool

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Pleatco Pure filters


Pleatco’s PURE START 6120 Disposable Sediment Filter is a scientifically engineered cartridge that attaches to your garden hose and captures dirt and heavy metal and mineral particles, filtering the water before it enters into your swim spa or swimming pool.


  • Premium quality, disposable sediment filter
  • Hose adapter easily attaches to the end of your garden hose
  • Designed to float so it will not damage the pool or spa
  • Filtered water makes chemicals easier to balances from the start
  • Removes solids from city or well water
  • Reduces hard mineral deposits and extends your pool or spa's filter life
  • Engineered for higher dirt holding capacity & better flow rates to allow for faster fills
  • Melt-spun technology delivers greater performance than any other sediment filter type
  • Filters up to 40,000 gallons
  • Dimensions: 6" Diameter x 12-1/16" Length. This is the larger size pre-filter for swim spas and pools. For spas and small pools, use Pleatco PPS2100 (pictured below).


A. Attach filter to the garden hose to fill up your pool or spa
B. After use, allow to dry and store away in dry place
C. Replace filter element when filter begins to restrict water 

Pleatco Pure filters pps2100