Pentair Water Hardness Test Kit


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Total Hardness Test Kit

It is important to achieve the proper level of calcium in your water, the levels of which will vary depending on where you live and where your water supply comes from. Soft water tends to be low in calcium and hard water tends to be higher. This kit allows you to measure total water hardness in ppm or in grains.


Kit contains:

  • Test vial
  • 1/2 oz. Test Agent #6
  • 1 oz. Test Agent #7
  • Instructions
  • Compact plastic box


The ideal calcium hardness level for a hot tub is between 100 -200mg. If the level in your hot tub is below this it could lead to corrosion damage. If you do find the level is low, use Calcium Hardness Increaser to bring it up to the correct level. If the level in your hot tub is above the ideal range it can lead to the water appearing cloudy. As a result, calcium can be deposited on the tub shell, heater element, filter cartridge element and the pipe work within. To reduce this use Natural Chemistry Stain & Scale which controls stains & scale to correct the level.

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