Mineraluxe Oxygen For Swim Spas


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Mineraluxe Oxygen For Swim Spas
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Mineraluxe Oxygen for swim spas is a shock/oxidizer explicitly developed for the Mineraluxe swim spa system. It provides a weekly deep cleanse oxidation treatment in swim spas. For best results, add at the same time as the Mineraluxe Cube.


Why Oxygen for swim spas?:

  • Powerful oxidizing/clarifying treatment for swim spas on the Mineraluxe System
  • Regular oxidation is a key step in any preventative maintenance system
  • Reduces Non-Filterable Wastes, Organics, Ammonia, Nitrogen
  • Works best with the Mineraluxe Cube


How Much for a swim spa:

  • Once a week add 125g, 2.5 capfuls for 10,000 L of water
  • One level capful = 50g
  • Sprinkle across water surface
  • Operate pumps for 15 minutes after application
  • Safe to use swim spa 15 minutes after Oxygen has been added


Whats included:

  • 1 x Container Oxygen 1.5kg


Mineraluxe Oxygen can be applied immediately after the application of Mineraluxe CUBES for maximum convenience. Oxygen can also be applied any time a shock/oxidation treatment is needed.

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