Hot tub filter brands

Choosing a replacement filter can be a bit confusing. After you’ve found the correct size filter, you’ll notice there are many different brands of that size available. Each brand of filter has its own benefits, with certain brands being more popular than others. This article will outline the different benefits of each brand.



Pleatco is one of the most used brands of filters, and for good reason. Pleatco has extensively researched the filtration needs of a spa to create Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Spa Filtration Fabric, exclusively for hot tubs. This unique media has finer fibers, a larger dirt catching wet area, better flow, and greater performance. They also have an exclusive Antimicrobial Filtration Fabric available that provides an extra level of protection against dangerous microbes as it inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew – these are the Pleatco branded filters with blue colored pleats instead of the usual white.


Pleatco also uses their unique Free Flow Core technology in every filter. These allow 50% more access to the filtration fabric, which allows more water flow through the entire filter cartridge. Combined with Pleatco’s Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric, this makes it much easier for the pump to move water through the cartridge, resulting in more even water distribution and greater efficiency.


Pleatco filters are also frequently used by spa manufacturers, so it’s possible your spa initially came with a Pleatco filter. They are manufactured in the U.S. and have an excellent website detailing everything you could possibly want to know about filters – from technical specifications to a very useful filter finder.



Another leading brand in the filter industry, Unicel makes great quality filters. Their filters use a high quality filtration fabric known as Reemay Filter Medium. Reemay is a spunbonded, 100% polyester material which has FDA compliance. It’s so effective at filtering that it’s even been approved for milk filtration! Genuine Unicel filters have white Reemay fabric to indicate the purity of the product.


Unicel also takes great care to make their pleat folds sharp instead of rounded or fluffy. This allows particles to get down into the pleat which ensures maximum dirt holding, while also making it easier to clean. These sharp pleats allow debris to build up from the inside out which can also prolong the time needed between cleanings. Overall Unicel’s filters are meant to maximize flow and minimize pressure loss, resulting in an efficient and easy to clean filter.


Unicel is also manufactured in the U.S., and their website includes a filter cartridge finder and an endcap guide to help you find the correct filter replacement.


Generic (Deluxe)

Our house brand filters use a polyester filtration fabric that is similar to the Reemay filter medium that Unicel uses. They also have a free flow core similar to that of the Pleatco filters, though they have slighlty shortly life expectancy compared to the name brands. These filters are generally made in China or New Zealand, but only come in limited sizes.



There isn’t one best filter brand, but there are definitely different aspects that need to be considered when looking for a replacement filter. Some hot tubs will require a specific brand of filter for the spa’s filtration system to function at manufacturer’s specs, so if there is a specific filter recommended for your spa that will be your best choice.


Brand name filters such as Pleatco and Unicel will filter out finer particles than the generic brands and will also last longer, as generic filters do not hold up as well to cleaning. However, the generic filters are available at a discounted price and are still great quality filters.



You can see our selection of filters here, and be sure to look at our filter FAQ if you need some help finding a great replacement filter