Hot Tub Cover Lifters

There are three distinct categories of hot tub cover lifters, each with numerous options and styles. Once you have explored all the available options and determined which one fits best, selecting the appropriate spa cover lifter for your hot tub setup becomes easy.


Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover lifters

If you're a hot tub owner and don't want to struggle to open your spa cover, then you should consider using hydraulically assisted spa cover lifters. These hot tub cover lifters are an excellent option for those who have limited space behind their spa, as they require minimal clearance. Unlike undermount and side mount lifters, the folded spa cover lifts up vertically instead of sliding behind the spa.


Side mount Hot Tub Cover Lifters

A side-mount hot tub cover lifter is a budget-friendly option for hot tub owners who want more privacy. When the cover is open, it stands above the hot tub providing additional privacy.


Under Mount Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The undermount hot tub cover lifters are the most popular because they are easy to install. The mounting brackets simply slide under each side of the hot tub without needing to screw any brackets into your spa skirting panels.