Hi-Limit Sensor For Watkins No-Fault Heater


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Hi-Limit Sensor For Watkins No-Fault Heater
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The Hydroquip high-limit thermistor sensor is a safety device that works to shut down the Watkins no-fault heater if the water temperature exceeds 118 degrees F. It is easy to install, just screw it into the No Fault Heater Housing (hand tight only) and plug it directly onto the motherboard inside the IQ 2020 control box to communicate with the system.



  • Manufacturer: Hydroquip
  • Hydroquip P/N: 34-39525-K
  • 2 Pin molex connector
  • 1/2" Threads
  • Includes O-ring



It is important to replace both the hi-limit and temperature sensors at the same time in order to avoid issues with temperature sensing. If the temperature sensing of a new thermistor differs by more than five degrees from the old one, the system will go into "fault mode" and prevent the heater, jet pump(s), and light from operating. Therefore, when replacing the hi-limit sensor, it is necessary to replace the temperature sensor as well, and vice versa.

Manufacturers 90 limited warranty

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