Dazzle Drain Prep 750ml


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Dazzle Drain Prep 750ml
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Dazzle Drain Prep removes organic waste contamination from hot tub plumbing. These contaminants build up in the circulation system and filter housing and can cause contamination symptoms. Use Drain Prep before every water change of the hot tub for a cleaner and safer hot tub experience.



  • Dazzle P/N: DAZ08053
  • Container size: 750ml
  • Product: Liquid


Typical use:

  • Use 750 ml (one full bottle) per application
  • Note: Water may not look good after application. This is the releasing effect
  • Maintain heated temperature
  • Remove filter cartridge(s)
  • Apply product directly to water.
  • Operate jets on high for at least 5 minutes 
  • Diverter valves neutral
  • All jets operational (air off)
  • Waterfalls and other features operating
  • Foaming will occur – turn pump on and off to control.

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