Tips for a Hot Tub Party

Tips for a Hot Tub Party

Posted by Pool & Hot Tub Depot on Jul 30, 2021

The long weekend is here, and while you might not be able to get away for a well deserved vacation, you can create a party atmosphere in your backyard paradise! It’s a great time to show off your luxurious hot tub and have a fun time with your friends and family. To prepare for your fabulous spa party, keep in mind some essential tips and tricks to keep things running smoothly.

  • Clean your hot tub (and pool)! You definitely don’t want guests showing up only to find dirty, smelly water. On the day of, and for a few days before, keep a close eye on your chemical levels to make sure the water is staying balanced and crystal clear. Do any maintenance necessary and feel free to give the spa (and your pool, and even your cover) a nice wipe down to really make it sparkle
  • Check the guest list. If your hot tub only seats 6 and you’re inviting more than 6 people (don’t forget to include yourself if you plan to hop in as well), you might have some guests feeling excluded or bored. Keep the guest list small or see our next tip to keep the party moving
  • Have other activities going on. If you invite more people than your hot tub can seat, or even if you don’t, it’s always a good idea to have other games and entertainment ready. Remember that it’s possible not everyone will want to get in the water, and especially if it’s a large party, it’s essential to keep other activities going for entertainment if guests are cycling in and out of the spa. Some fun ideas include:
    • Play card games with a waterproof deck of cards, or try novelty games like giant Jenga
    • Get games going in your pool as well if you have one! Water volleyball is a fun idea for a large group of people
    • If you’ve got a tv outdoors, set up the big screen with movies or sporting events for a casual relaxation area
    • Get the music going! It’ll set the fun tone of the party, not to mention give people a reason to bust out their dance moves
  • Decorate. If you’re feeling creative, get out some decorations and mood lighting to really kick the party into high gear. Theme ideas such as: BBQ, girls night out, or even grab some inflatable palm trees and grass skirts for a tropical getaway party!
  • Deluxe Inflatable Floating Spa Bar

    Waterproof Playing Cards

    Unbreakable Drinkware Jasper Tumbler  

    Keep drinks and snacks at the ready with this inflatable spa bar floating around to the guests. Everyone will be entertained with a good old game of cards - waterproof, so you can even play in the spa! Unbreakable drinkware is perfect for parties - guests won't feel guilty for dropping and no shards to sweep.
  • Have extra swimsuits and towels ready. Some guests might leave theirs at home, some guests might not even remember it’s a hot tub party! Keep extras around just in case, as you’re sure to need them - and besides, having extra towels at the ready is always a good idea around the hot tub
  • Drinks and snacks! No party is complete without refreshments. Being in the heat of the spa can lead to dehydration really fast, which isn’t always a smart idea when combined with alcohol. Keep the alcoholic beverages in the hot tub to a minimum, but keep plenty of icy cold water at the ready. After the hot tub (and some nice chilled water), bust out the drinks as much as you’d like - and don’t forget the food! You can even have snacks and drinks at the ready IN the spa with a fun floating tray

    Helpful tip: try using unbreakable drinkware for the party. This will make sure your good glasses stay safe and guests aren't feeling guilty if they accidentally drop a glass - water makes for slippery hands!

  • Keep an eye on your hot tub water after. Your usual routine of chemical maintenance is based on exactly that - the usual amount of people in the spa. If you have a lot more people in the spa and for longer periods of time, you might find your sanitizer drops off a little quicker than usual and you may be in need of an oxidizing shock treatment a little sooner. Keep a close eye on your water with chemical test strips after the party to keep your water clean and crystal clear. If it was a wild party with lots of people or drink/food spills in the hot tub, it might even be a good time to drain and do a fresh water fill

And the most important tip of all - make sure you’re having fun too! Try and do all the preparations beforehand so you can relax and enjoy your party with your guests. From everyone at Pool & Hot Tub Depot, we wish you a fantastic long weekend!