Infused Spa Shock

A weekly shock treatment is one of the best ways to keep your water clean and free of contaminants. Midnight Cove Spa Shock is infused with a variety of extraordinary scents for a luxurious spa experience with less bottles clogging the cupboard.

Fragrance Infused

This professional grade spa monopersulfate shock is infused with different scents so it's easy to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Spa Shock

Moonlight Bouquet

This shock has an exquisite blend of spring blossoms, night jasmine, and sweet citrus. An uplifting floral scent for a happy hot tub atmosphere.

Spa Shock

Evening Calm

This spa shock is infused with a subtle mix of vanilla, lavender, herbs, and cedar for depth. Perfect to set the mood for relaxation and unwinding before bed.

Quick Dessolving

This professional grade chemical dissolves rapidly and completely to eliminate any possible residue or build up. You can soak in as little as 15 minutes after using this product to shock your spa! The fragrance will dissipate slowly over a few hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your backyard paradise.

Chlorine Free

This is an oxidizing spa shock that does not contain any chlorine - use with your current sanitizer to remove organic contaminants and build-up from your hot tub water. 

Unscented Spa Shock

If scented spa shock isn't exactly what you're looking for, Pool and Hot Tub Depot carries many different chemical options for shock treatments depending on your needs:


Summer Smiles by Sani-Marc

A chlorine-free monopersulfate shock treatment to restore clarity and cleanliness in your hot tub water.

Spa Essentials

Spa Essentials

Another monopersulfate based shock option for use in your weekly water care routine.

spa synergy

Spa Synery

Oxidizing and clarifying pre-measured shock packets for quick treatment.