Hot Tub Safety Essentials

Hot tubs have so many amazing benefits and can truly turn your backyard into a wondrous outdoor retreat. While enjoying the serenity of your at-home spa, there’s a few safety tips to always keep in mind to maximize your experience and prevent any possible accidents.


Water Chemistry

There’s a reason so much emphasis is placed on maintaining your hot tub water chemistry and making sure all chemical levels remain balanced and in range. Harmful bacteria, algae and contaminants can thrive in the hot, moist environment of your spa if the water is left untreated or inadequately managed.

  • Always make sure to test your water at least once a week to ensure your sanitizer, pH and alkalinity levels are within range and balanced
  • Shock your spa about once a week to remove dead bacteria and harmful contaminants from your water
  • Make sure to keep up a consistent routine for cleaning your filter so it can do it’s job cleaning your water
  • For more tips on how to keep your water clean and clear, have a look at our guide to chemicals


Chemical Storage

The water is balanced and beautifully crystal clear - now where do you put your bottles of chemicals? A common storage option is outside close by your spa, but that can actually harm the efficiency of your chemicals. The frequent changes in heat, moisture levels and sunlight exposure can directly affect the the potency and effectiveness of your spa chemicals.

To keep your hot tub chemicals stable and in peak condition, always store your supplies in a cool, dry and well ventilated area out of direct sunlight, as well as out of reach of any small children or animals.


Water Temperature and Safe Soaking

Once your water is clean and you can relax knowing your supplies are safely stored, it’s time to enjoy the warm bubbling water of your spa! The temperature your water is set at is very important in considering how long you can safely soak for. Most people like to soak in a temperature between 98-104 degrees for somewhere between 15-30 minutes. If you like to soak in a hotter temperature, you may want to consider soaking for a shorter period of time. Getting overheated or dehydrated in the hot tub can be harmful to your health, so watch out for these indicators that it’s time to end your soak:

  • - If you start feeling hot while soaking, try switching to a higher depth seat that allows your body to cool down in the fresh air. If you’re still feeling hot or notice any of the below signs, call it quits for the day
  • - Have a look at your skin! If you notice redness or flushing it may be an indicator that the heat is getting to you and it’s time to cool down
  • - If you start feeling dizzy or light-headed it’s time to get out of the hot tub for the day. Usually this means you’ve gotten a little over-heated, but it could be dangerous if you lose your balance and fall while climbing out of the tub. If you’re feeling unwell, have some water to rehydrate and take it slow and easy while getting out of the spa
  • - If the hot tub is hot but the weather outside is not, have a robe handy to put on as you exit the spa to help keep you warm and protect you from the harsh change in temperature while you make your way back inside
  • - If you have any health considerations, always talk to your doctor before using the hot tub to get their recommendation for spa usage


Food and Drinks

Relaxing in your hot tub gets better when you’ve got yummy snacks and drinks in arms reach! Just keep in mind a few simple things when you bring the buffet to your outdoor retreat.

  • - The most important drink you’ll want to bring to the party is water! Soaking in hot water can quickly cause dehydration, so make sure to bring a bottle of water and keep drinking
  • - Alcohol seems like a great idea for relaxing in the spa, but it can rapidly cause dehydration which is not a great idea when combined with the fact that the hot water is also quickly dehydrating you. Try to save the fun drinks for after the soak to avoid any dehydration, dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • - Food or drink spills can happen quickly and be quite a pain. Food and beverages spilling into the water can alter your water chemistry and can even require a full hot tub water change to get things back to normal. Also beware of using glass or fragile plates or cups that may break and leave your bare feet vulnerable to sharp shards. Be careful with food and drink in the tub, and try using a spa tray and unbreakable drinkware for peace of mind


Electrical Safety

Hot tubs and electrical devices are not a great combination. If you want to use anything electrical around the hot tub, such as a radio, make sure to keep it a safe distance away from the water to prevent any risk of electrocution. For safety’s sake, try using battery operated, waterproof devices that are designed for use in water instead.

If you’re working on thoroughly cleaning or repairing your hot tub, always completely shut off the power first to eliminate the risk and consult with a qualified and licensed electrician.


Keep The Area Safe

With weather exposure and frequent water splashing, the area around your spa can be hazardous if proper caution and care isn’t exercised.

  • - The area around your hot tub will likely get wet and could have puddles around it as splashing occurs in the hot tub. Make sure to be mindful of slip hazards, use non-slip surfaces, avoid splashing in the hot tub, and wear grippy shoes around the spa
  • - Water around the hot tub can freeze during cold weather and make the area around your spa extra hazardous. Make sure to shovel away snow and ice from your spa and always keep walkways clear and dry
  • - Always exercise caution when entering or exiting the hot tub to prevent slips and falls. Slip resistant spa steps can help create a safer environment for your spa area
  • - Always lock your cover when the spa isn’t in use to ensure nothing and no one can fall into the water unexpectedly



Where children have access to backyard pool/spa areas, always exercise extreme caution and supervise children at all times. Exercise this same abundant caution around spa chemical storage as these can be quite harmful when ingested - keep all chemicals out of reach and/or locked away. It’s also a smart idea, and required by law in many places, to have a locked perimeter or fence around any open bodies of water so children can’t access the water without an adult present.

Spa Tray Table

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Keep your food and drink stable yet near the spa with a tray table for your hot tub. Keep a close eye on your spa chemical levels by testing water frequently with test strips. Safely get in and out of the hot tub using spa steps with a textured tread for added grip.

Once you have your safety precautions prepared and ready, have fun and enjoy the relaxing soak of your bubbly hot water!