Gecko Spa Packs

Many people enjoy using hot tubs on a daily basis. A hot tub is equipped with a central control system, also known as a spa pack, which is responsible for managing the pumps, heater and filter to keep the water clean.


The spa pack heater along with the hot tub pumps are a couple of the hardest working components in the hot tub that make it operate so you can be up to your chin in bubbling hot tub water all winter long.


If you're looking to diagnose your hot tub error codes, you may need to identify your spa pack brand first. Different spa packs and spa brands have their own set of error codes, but two commonly used are Balboa Error Codes and Gecko Error Codes. It's important to note that Balboa Error Codes are applicable to all circuit boards manufactured by Balboa, even those customized for brands like Cal Spas, Marquis Spas, Master Spas, Jacuzzi, Sundance, and more.


Some of the older hot tubs have old out-dated mechanical control systems that are not reliable and inefficient. Rather then spending many thousands into a new hot tub, replacing the control system with a new digital spa pack can be very good and cost effective alternative.


There are also hot tubs that have older generation digital control systems that still use a number of moving parts in them that do wear out over time. Replacing and older generation control system with a current generation can improve the performance, efficiency and longevity as the current generation Gecko spa packs does not have mechanical parts instead it has sensors for maximum efficiency and reliability.


If you’re considering replacing the spa pack in your hot tub we would invite you to browse the selection available from one of Canada’s largest and most reliable hot tub control systems manufactures, Gecko, more specifically the current generation Gecko Y series.


Gecko Spa Parts Canada


If your looking for assistance in selection the correct Gecko Spa Pack for your spa call the experts at Pool and Hot Tub Depot, we will help with the selection as well as after sales technical support. 1-877-845-1993 or visit us in person at the Depot in London Ontario.