Enjoying Your Spa or Hot Tub in Winter

Enjoying Your Spa or Hot Tub in Winter

Published on Jan 24, 2020

Being able to relax and melt away the stress of the day in your own beautiful spa is one of the most enjoyable things in life, especially on frosty winter days. Sitting in toasty warm bubbly water, with piles of snow all around is a lovely contrast and can make winter one of the best times of year to savour your backyard oasis. However winter also offers some particular challenges, so here’s a list of helpful hints to help you navigate these challenges and have the best spa experience this winter.

Keep the Water Flowing

Keeping the valves open to all jets and waterfalls open will help to keep the smaller lines from freezing, the larger plumbing is less likely to freeze as long as the heater is running or water is circulating. The smaller lines to specific jets and waterfalls can suffer from freezing when lines are closed and water is not allowed to flow through them. To make sure all of your plumbing is safe from freezing open all jets and valves to waterfalls when hot tub in not in use, to allow new heated water to properly circulate the plumbing system.

Wear Something Warm

Winters are very cold, particularly here in Canada, and having the proper attire when heading out to relax in your spa can help to keep you from getting a chill when getting in an out. Wearing sandals or slippers out to the spa will help to keep your feet from getting cold, and keep debris and dirt out of the water. Wearing a winter hat or toque when relaxing will keep long hair from getting wet and frozen and help the body properly regulate temperature. An easily accessible towel and cozy robe will make getting out of the water and back inside far more enjoyable and keep your muscles relaxed after a good soak.

Water Maintenance

Keeping up with regular water maintenance will help to keep your water clean and safe to use. As water changes are not recommended during the coldest part of winter, keeping your water as balanced as possible will allow you to go a little over the regular water changing schedule. Checking your water chemistry regularly and making necessary adjustments will ensure bather comfort and chemical wear on your spa.

Keep Cover Closed

When spa is not in use, keeping the cover locked and properly sealed is very important is keeping the heat in and the cold out. When locked the straps are pulled down on each side of the tub, creating a tight seal. If not properly sealed the edges of the cover lift slightly permitting heat and steam to escape. This increases the cost of operating the spa over the winter and can affect water level and chemical balance.

Winter is a magical time a year. With snow and ice giving the outside world an other worldly feel. It’s the perfect time to sit and relax after a long day in your spa. Knowing the changes in care your spa will need will help you to fully enjoy your spa, and allow you and your family hours of fun in the warm bubbly water.