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We are committed to offering the the largest selection of hot tub products in Canada at the best value.

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We value your business and strive to provide the best customer support while keeping our prices as low as possible.

Best Value

Shop the many thousands of genuine brand name products on our site and discover the best prices we can offer. 

Before you buy your hot tub parts and products anywhere else, what happens if you have a problem - do they offer experienced technical support? What about if your product breaks, will you have to ship it to the USA to get it fixed? Warranty and technical support is not provided by the manufacturer to the end user.


Why is where you buy your hot tub products important?


We are one of the only companies in Canada that has dedicated, knowledgable and experienced staff to provide pre-sales product support, a dedicated experienced team for post sales technical support and manufacturer warranty support for products purchased from us online or in store.


We are not a reseller with just a website, we actually stock and ship most of the hot tub products listed on our website from our own warehouse. We also have a retail store open to the public where all of our products can be purchased in person.


Manufacturers Warranty:
Hot tubs parts manufacturers do not provide technical and warranty support direct to the customer, most products purchased from us have manufacturers warranty that is processed through us as an agent for the manufacturer.