7HP Impeller for Waterway Pumps (Coast Spas)

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Waterway 7HP impeller for 56 frame Executive series hot tub pump. This is a special impeller that is only used in the Waterway pumps found in Coast Spas such as the "Monster Flow" that have an electric motor that draws 20 amps on high speed. There are 2 sizes of the replacement impeller, this one has the 2-3/8" intake as shown below, the other one has a 2-7/8" intake (not available). The 2 different size impellers are not interchangeable.

Coast Spas monster flow replacement impeller


* Do not use this impeller in the Waterway 5HP Executive 56 pump that draws 16.4 amps on high speed. The motor is too small and will over heat if installed.