3 Pump Button Keypad Overlay for TSC-4-10K-GE1,

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Replacement vinyl keypad face overlay only for the Gecko TSC-4-10K-GE1 keypad with 10 buttons.

The button layout on this overlay is Filter/Prog and clock buttons on the left side of the display hole. To the right side of the display hole it has eight buttons. The following four buttons are on the top row: pump 1, pump 2, blower, light, and on the bottom row another four buttons: econo, filter, up and down.

This overlay is 7" x 3-1/4" and only fits on the Gecko keypad part number BDLTSC410K which is the model number 0201-007044 or also known as the TSC-4-10K-GE1.

Application is peel and stick, the back of this overlay has a this layer of adhesive with wax paper on it, to apply to the keypad ensure keypad face is clean, peel wax paper off overlay, position properly and apply then press firmly for permanent adhesion. The sticky back of the adhesive should not be touch or placed on the keypad face before being perfectly aligned. The adhesive on the back will aggressively stick to anything it comes in contact with, if peeled off once adhered the adhesive will be damaged and no longer hold it down securely. 

Manufacturer warrants product to be free of defects upon delivery.