Pleatco PSG31-XP4-M Hot Tub Filter for Saratoga Spas

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Pleatco Pure hot tub filters


Genuine Pleatco Hot Tub Spa Filters. 

  • Part no: PSG31-XP4-M
  • Diameter: 4-3/4"
  • Length: 17-1/2"
  • Top Hole: Handle
  • Bottom Hole: 1.9" Keyed
  • Note: This filter has no threads on the bottom
  • 31 sq.ft.
  • Brand: Pleatco Premium
  • This filter replaces the prior part number PSG31-M
  • Microban Coating - Antimicrobial infused agent inhibits the growth of microbes, mold, bacteria and mildew on the cartridge for the life of the filter


Pleatco is one of the best filter brands in the industry, with premium pleated material media, it lasts longer, filters out finer particles and is easier to clean. All Pleatco filters feature the FREE FLOW CORE which allows a better non-restrictive flow rate to enhance the hot tubs filtration. Better filter flow efficiency reduces wear and tear on the hot tub pump, uses less energy and extends the life of the hot tub filter.


Manufacturers who use the PSG31-XP4-M:

Saratoga Spas and more.


Pleatco filters ship from Ontario to all of Canada.


Pleatco Pure hot tub filters