Sometime as hot tubs get older they can develop slow leaks in the plumbing that go undetected for a long time. If your hot tub is loosing water (more than evaporation form use) first area to check is the equipment area. The pump seals are wear items and typically have a life of around 4-6 years with proper water chemistry care. It's a good idea to open up the equipment compartment at least once a year and have a peak at the pumps and any signs of water leaking from the pump seal.

Pump seals typically start to leak slowing as they wear down, if not detected and replaced the leaking water can make it's way into the bearing and motor wiring. Over time the water in the bearing waring will cause enough damage that the entire pump will need to be replaced.

Another area that hot tubs can leak is in the plumbing area. If a hot tub a fully foam insulated it can be difficult and expensive to find the leak. 

One of the quickest ways to seal a leak in the plumbing is using a product called fix a leak sold here Made by True blue innovations. It's a Canadian invented and made product that works in most cases. 

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