The Balboa family of hot tub control systems were designed using Balboa's patented M7® temperature and water flow sensing technology and a new universal control platform. These features increase the reliability, ease of installation and serviceability of the control packs.

Designed for Easy Installation and Service
Balboa hot tub control systems are based on a common universal control platform, which increases feature flexibility while reducing installation and configuration problems. The Balboa family of spa packs has exceptionally good feature flexibilities, so its performance is competitive with much higher-end products. The units incorporate Balboa's patented M7® temperature probe technology, which eliminates the more failure prone pressure switches and simplifies the installation process by not having to drill additional holes in the spa.

Flexible, High Reliability, Feature Rich
The spa packs have a plastic enclosure to eliminate water intrusion. Connectors are built on to the circuit board minimizing wires and simplifying service. The different models have controls for a single two-speed pump or an additional blower or pump. All models feature a convertible power supply that can be wired for 120 or 240 volts, a 1.0, 1.5, 4.0, or 5.5 Kw heater and support different top side control panels.

Proven Reliability
With over 2 million controls in spas worldwide utilizing the M7® technology, Balboa spa control systems are built to deliver maximum performance and satisfaction. The Balboa control systems us a universal control platform, increasing feature flexibility and reducing configuration headaches. With this combination of our patented M7® temperature and water flow sensing technology, Balboa leads the industry in quality and reliability.