Waterway Filter Parts

Here you'll find a complete list of Waterway filter parts for the top loading filters used in many hot tubs. Find the part # needed in the top loading filter parts diagram on the right then select the part listing number below for more details and price.

The parts will fit the following Waterway filter models:
500-2500, 500-2510, 500-2540, 500-2550, 500-5000, 500-5010, 500-5050, 500-7500, 500-7510, 500-7550, 500-9900, 500-9910, 500-9950, 502-2500, 502-2510, 502-2530, 502-2550, 502-5000, 502-5010, 502-5030, 502-5050, 502-7500, 502-7510, 502-7550, 502-9900, 502-9910.

The above are all 7-1/2" top loading Waterway filter canister models.

Please note that pre 1996 top loading filter canister models may have different parts and the current parts may not fit. If your not sure if these parts will fit, call us with the details of your top loading filter and we can help find the right replacement parts.