Seal kit for Sundance or Jacuzzi Premium LX Pumps 2010+

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This Seal fits the 56 frame 2.5 HP Jacuzzi Premium or Sundance LX model hot tub pumps manufactured by Guangdong LX in China with the beige color impeller. The LX series pumps can be found in most 2010 and newer Jacuzzi Premium or Sundance Spas.

The pumps that this seal will typically fit have the following Sundance or Jacuzzi part numbers on the label: 6500-352, 6500-365, 6500-367 or 6500-363 and some will also have the model number WUA400-II or WUA300-II on the label.

Important note.
This seal kit will not fit the 2009 or older LX pumps and will not fit any other brand of pumps used in Jacuzzi or Sundance Spas. 
Does not fit any LX pumps with the model numbers WP200-ll or WP300-ll or any model WUA pump that has the current generation black impeller.