Pump Marvel - Pumps Without Power

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Quickly and easily drain the water from your hot tub or pool cover with this water pump which requires no electricity. Can also be used for basement flooding, boats, or other household applications that require water draining without electricity.


Instructions for use:

  • Secure a garden hose (not included) to Pump Marvel.
  • Secure the included discharge hose to Pump Marvel and direct to where you'd like the water to drain. 
  • Immerse Pump Marvel into the water to be drained. Ensure the bottom of Pump Marvel is submerged to avoid air locks.
  • Turn on the water to the garden hose.
  • Watch as Pump Marvel drains your hot tub!


With Pump Marvel, you can remove water down to 1/8" from the bottom. Pump Marvel can pump up to 575 gallons per hour and up to 20 feet high. Kit includes 12 foot discharge hose and pump unit. Pump Marvel will accept both 1-1/4" sump pump and 1-1/2" pool hoses. Made in Canada.