Pro-Grade Lubricant for Pump Seal Installation

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10ml Tube of U.S. SEALUBE. (Please note, this is a 10ml size tube, not the small one shot pillow size)

U.S. SEALUBE is a water based formula specifically designed to lubricate rubber, making the installation of mechanical seals fast and easy.

It provides a high degree of lubricity to all rubber components. It maintains its wetness for a short period of time. But unlike PTFE or silicone based lubricants which penetrate the elastomer and never allow the elastomer to grip the shaft or bore, U.S. SEALUBE evaporates. Once the evaporation takes place, the component is dry to the touch. The lubricity is gone and will not return, even in the presence of moisture. Your seal is now locked in place. Install mechanical seals like a Pro. Use only U.S. SEALUBE.

Using the wrong seal installation lubricant can destroy your pump seal.
During installation, chances are the installation lubricant will come in contact with seal faces. Once a PTFE or silicone based product touches the seal faces, it is nearly impossible to remove. When the pump is started, the PTFE or silicone draws the carbon from the primary ring, and smears this material on the face of the mating ring, causing a build-up which eventually destroys the seal. Protect your seals from this certain death. Use only U.S.SEALUBE for your seal installations.

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