Aeware by Gecko

Aeware by Gecko products offers an impressive list of technical features and a full range of popular configurations. The products offer advanced solutions for all hot tub sizes with accessories. Rugged, compact, slim and built to take full advantage of its cutting edge electronics, Aeware by Gecko meets all the expectations of spa manufacturers both small and large, worldwide. Aeware by Gecko has the perfect line up of control system for entry-level spas. It combines Gecko's breakthrough features and signature design with heat.wav integrated heaters in optimal price/performance configurations for typical entry-level spas. Available in both UL and CE versions, the newest additions offer the best and most advanced spa systems and accessories in the spa and hot tub industry. Our new and innovative Aeware spa pack platform is really compelling. Aeware product design focuses on features and functions that appeal to every manufacturer and retailer in the industry, from the spa manufacturer decision maker to the end user. Built to take full advantage of Gecko's advanced electronics, Aeware caters to reason as well as to emotions, conveying a definite statement of reliability, safety and ease of use.