Fun Facts About Hot Tubs

Fun Facts About Hot Tubs

It may be April Fools Day, but these fun facts about hot tubs and spas are no joke.

Hot tubs are actually good for your health! Studies have shown that hot tub usage helps control diabetes by decreasing blood sugar levels. Using spas regularly also helps reduce cortisol levels resulting in decreased stress. Hot tubs have also been shown to help you sleep, lower blood pressure, relieve pain from tense muscles, and even burn some calories. Wow!

Hot tubs have been used for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, Japan and Greece people used natural hot springs for their health benefits. Sometimes they even lowered scalding rocks into bath basins to have a hot bath if the hot springs weren’t close by! Later Romans then developed pipes to move hot water from a furnace to a pool or bath for easy access to a hot bath or pool.

Hot tub jets were invented by the Jacuzzi brothers. They were always inventors, and even invented the first enclosed cabin monoplane. When terrible rheumatoid arthritis struck the 15 month old son of Candido Jacuzzi, he redesigned their agricultural pump invention to work in their bathtub. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi created the first “hot tub” as we know it today and included jets with their whirlpool pump for the first time ever.

Snow monkeys often use naturally forming hot tubs for stress relief and to keep warm! Humans aren’t the only ones using hot tubs though. Macaques (aka snow monkeys) seem to have started copying humans and soak in the local volcanic hot springs every day. It helps them preserve body heat in the cold winters, but studies have also shown they use it for stress relief, too!

Local wildlife in some areas have even been spotted trying to soak in homeowners' hot tubs - one person found a black bear in their hot tub!

Has your pet ever tried to sneak in your spa for a relaxing soak?

The world’s biggest hot tub is 12 metres long! The huge luxury hot tub is a swim spa with two sections, one for swimming and exercising and one for a relaxing spa massage.

The Backstreet Boys and their fans achieved a Guinness world record in 2016 by having the most nationalities in a Jacuzzi. Aboard a cruise ship on the Mediterranean Sea, they had 30 people from different nationalities in one Jacuzzi. This beats the previous record of 26 countries which was set at a bath store in Spain back in 2012.

Happy April Fools Day, we hope you enjoyed these fun hot tub facts!